4 Naan Kadavul

NaanKadavul chronicles the life of Rudran, an ascetic from Varanasi and his trysts with a seemingly normal life in the temple city in south India, Pazhani. Abandoned as a child by his father in a strange land with strange people, he grows up among the sadhus and the babas adapting to their way of life and becomes one of them. The rest of the plot is formed by the interaction between Rudran, a detached ascetic who has no moorings or bonding with the world and how he unwittingly, unwillingly gets sucked into the world of the beggars which leads to drastic, life altering changes to all of them.

Cast & Crew

Cast                              :  Aarya, Pooja, Krishamurthy, Rajendran

Music Director           :  Ilaiyarajaa

Cinematographer     :  Arthur A. Wilson

Editor                          :  Suresh Urs

Producer                    :  K.S. Sreenivasan (Vasans Visual Ventures)




Year Result Awards Category/Recipient(s)
2009 Won Filmfare Awards Best Tamil Actress – Pooja
Nominated Filmfare Awards Best Director – Bala
Filmfare Awards Best Actor – Arya
Filmfare Awards Best Tamil Film
Filmfare Awards Best Tamil Supporting Actor – Rajendran
Filmfare Awards Best Tamil Lyricist – Ilaiyaraaja




56th National Award Best Director – Bala
56th National Award Best Makeup – Sasi&Dasarathan




Tamilnadu State Award Best Actress – Pooja
Tamilnadu State Award Best Cinematographer – Arthur A. Wilson
Tamilnadu State Award Best Villain – Rajendran
2010 Won Vijay Awards Best Director – Bala
Vijay Awards Best Actress – Pooja
Vijay Awards Best Villain – Rajendran
Vijay Awards Best Makeup – Sasi&Dasarathan
Vijay Awards Best Male Playback Singer – Vijay Prakash
2010 Won TANTIS Gold ID Card Best Director – Bala


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