SETHU (1999)

1 Sethu

Sethu is not an ordinary love story. There is no boy-meets-girl, runs around trees, sings duets or the hero overcoming inane odds to win the woman. This is a story of obsessive love – a love that is all-consuming and powerful enough to drive a person to madness. Sethu, when released in 1999, stood out for its sheer darkness, a complex, haunting love story and stellar performances from a virtually unknown cast at that point in time. The twist in the climax was unpredictable and a rarity when most directors were unwilling to let go of ‘bankable’ feel-good endings. The movie catapulted lead actor Vikram into a superstar overnight winning him several awards.

Cast & Crew

Cast                             :  Vikram, Abitha, Sivakumar

Music Director          :  Ilayaraja

Cinematographer    :  Rathnavel

Editor                         :  Raghu Baabu

Producer                   :  Kandaswamy

Year Result Awards Category/Recipient(s)
1999 Won Tamilnadu State Awards Best Director – Bala
Special Prize – Vikram
2000 Won 47th National Film Award Best Regional Film Award
2000 Won 47th Filmfare Awards Best Director – Bala
Best Film
Special Jury Award – Vikram
2000 Won Cinema Express Awards Best Director – Bala
Best Film
2000 Won Pepsi Film Awards Best Director – Bala
2000 Won Dinakaran Award Best Director – Bala

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